Comment Policy

Comment Policy

In order to keep this site friendly we have a strict comment policy, with a fairly simple basic rule: Don’t be a Jerk! If you repeatedly demonstrate jerkish behavior you’ll be banned, and some jerkish behavior will get you banned immediately.  Our site uses Disqus for hosting and moderating comments, they also have some rules about how you should behave on their platform – being a jerk on our site could get you banned from commenting everywhere, so be aware.


This site is PG-rated.  I don’t object to mild profanity, but profanity used to attack other commenters or third parties is not allowed. Be sensible here – if Grandma would have washed your mouth out with soap for saying it, don’t say it.  If you don’t want your comment flagged for moderation it’s best not to use profanity at all, we have a fairly aggressive profanity filter set on our Disqus forum, and some words won’t be approved even with moderation (f-word, c-word, etc).

Personal Attacks

Don’t do it (attacking people is a jerk move, and remember, don’t be a jerk).

These types of behavior will get your comment deleted:

  • If you find yourself using the words “You’re a…” or “People like you…”, take a step back, take a deep breath, and reconsider.  This is regardless of what side you’re on: let the moderators do their jobs and report comments that violate our policies, but don’t attack the attackers in turn.
  • Hate speech: this includes use of racial, ethnic, religious, sexist, or anti-lgbtqi+ slurs (that’s not an exhaustive list, don’t take it as a challenge to come up with a slur that’s not on the list).
  • Personal comments on a person’s appearance or body type (commenters, authors and article subjects alike).


Please don’t use our comments section to promote your new haircare product, wonder drug, or website.  If you have something to say and want to link to a related article you wrote or a helpful article on another site in a comment please do so, but please leave a real comment if you’re going to do that.  Comments like “Check this out!:” will probably get deleted without us ever checking the link.

Account Banning

Repeatedly engaging in any of the behaviors above will get your account banned from commenting.  I reserve the right to ban you immediately if you engage in behavior I find particularly toxic.

If you think you’ve been unjustly banned you can contact me, but be sure you read through the policy above and have a better excuse than “the other person did it first”.

Policy Disagreements

I know this is 2018 (or later), and the Internet’s a contentious place where people like to argue.  If you don’t want to be bound by these policies feel free to start your own blog where you can say whatever you want.  On these pages, we’ll try to keep it safe :-).